Sunriver Biochar

Using all organic materials sourced from beautiful Central Oregon – Sunriver Biochar produces the highest-quality & only low temperature (450-500*C) pyrolized biochar that is registered with the State of Oregon Dept of Ag.

Biochar is an organic soil amendment that has deep and complex pores. These pores help to store nutrients, microbes and water.

Use Sunriver High Porosity Biochar for

  • Improved soil structure & porosity
  • Creating a better plant root environment
  • Increasing moisture infiltration & permeability
  • Improved moisture holding capacity of light soils
  • Reducing water run off & nutrient leaching
  • Aiding the proliferation of soil microorganisms
  • Increasing soil pH in acidic soils

Purchase Biochar Online

The best way to learn about the benefits of biochar in your own home garden is to experiment with the soil amendment yourself.  For first-time char gardeners, we offer a gallon of Biochar, delivered to your door for only $15.

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